Is it healthy and safe to Burn 1,000 Calories a Day?

If you’re trying to lose weight or just maintain the ideal weight, you must understand how your body burns calories. If you don’t exercise the body can easily consume more than 1,000 calories each day. Further activity can boost the number of calories burned. Find out how your body uses calories and how you can safely use them prior to planning your workout routine.

Basal Metabolic Ratio

Basal metabolism is what amount of energy your body uses to function in a state of relaxation. The basal metabolic rates vary between individuals based on height, weight gender and age However, it must be in the vicinity of 1,000 calories. In the example above, a woman who is 5 feet, 7 inches tall has the metabolic rate for a base of 1,417.9 calories. That’s the amount of calories that an individual with the profile would burn in order to complete basic bodily functions.

Additional Calories Burned

Performing additional activities will increase the amount of calories you consume. The exact amount of calories that you burn will depend upon your weight and you do the activity for. It includes activities as simple sitting, standing and more intense activities like exercise. For example, a person that weighs 200lbs will be burning 108 calories standing for one can find more here from Our Articles On the other hand, someone who weighs 120 pounds will consume 79 calories from 30 minutes of housework. A person weighing 150 pounds will burn 408 calories in an hour of running at a rate of 10 miles an hour.

Losing Weight

According to the McKinley Health Center, you can lose weight easily by creating a deficit of between 500 and 1,000 calories per day. To accomplish this, either cut back on your food intake between 500 and 1,000 calories or increase the number of calories you burn through fitness by the exact amount. Additionally, you could do two of them. For 1 pound to be lost in fat, you have to create a deficit of at least 3,500 calories. So burning an extra 1,000 calories each day will add up to a loss of two pounds each week.

Minimum Calorie Intake

The American College of Sports Medicine cautions that your daily intake of calories should never fall below certain thresholds. The College recommends that women consume a minimum of 1200 calories each day and men need to consume 1,800 calories per day. If your calorie consumption falls to levels below this the body enters survival mode, reducing your metabolism and making it hard to shed weight.

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